Ian Gresik

Chef di Cucina 

Drago Centro

Ian Gresik’s lifelong culinary journey began at an early age in his native Southern California, where he attended the prestigious California School of Culinary Arts. Since then, his culinary career has been taking him back and forth between pastry and savory roles in kitchens across the United States and abroad, providing him with over fifteen years of culinary experience.

Ian began his career as Pastry Chef at the renowned Patina Restaurant in Los Angeles. He quickly worked his way up to become the Sous Chef at Patina and then took on an additional role as Food Consultant for the JBS Consulting Services Group. He took a European sabbatical, where he studied the rich culinary traditions and techniques of Italy, France, Greece and Spain. Particularly inspired by his last stage position in the Basque region of Spain, Ian sought to apply the skills he learned abroad and returned to Los Angeles. He became Chef de Cuisine at the fine dining Italian restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles, Drago Centro.

With the success of Drago Centro, he continued to perfect his craft and expand his repertoire of skills. Ian partnered with Celestino Drago to develop a proprietary line of gelato. The unique and decadent creations are served in restaurants across Los Angeles. Always striving to source and learn the origins of the food he serves, Ian is a founding member of the Skuna Bay Salmon Family of Chefs. 

A chef with many hats, Ian’s commitment to perfection is something you can literally taste.

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