Chef Celestino Drago’s contemporary Italian masterpiece, Drago Centro offers innovative twists to authentic Italian dishes. Drago Centro has become one of the foremost dining establishments in Downtown Los Angeles, featuring stunning contemporary design, the 9,500 square-foot restaurant boasts an open kitchen, a private dining rooms, and a demonstration kitchen housed in what was once the vault of City National Bank.

At Drago Centro, located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Chef Celestino Drago is giving his classic Italian techniques a contemporary flair. The lunch and dinner menus at Drago Centro feature a wide range of options, from hand-cranked pastas, savory steaks and elegant desserts sure to end the meal on a sweet note.

Drago Centro, IL Pastaio, Drago Bakery, Drago Air Catering & Drago Catering & Special Events

Chef Celestino Drago has played an integral role in the ever-evolving dining scene in Los Angeles for over two decades. Originally from Sicily, Celestino is regarded as one of the pioneers of Italian Cuisine in the US and has become one of Los Angeles’ most celebrated chefs, with honors ranging from Food & Wine Magazine selecting him as a “Best New Chef” to being an invited guest chef at the James Beard House in New York on multiple occasions and is the current Food Fare 2014 Chef of the Year.

From his affable demeanor to his inventive and delicious takes on Italian fare, Chef Celestino Drago has helped lay the groundwork for Italian cuisine in America today.

Before launching his restaurant empire in Southern California, Celestino attended mechanical school in Italy while simultaneously working at a restaurant in the city of Pisa called Pierino. It was there that realized he “loved everything about the restaurant business.” Recognizing his culinary potential, the chef at Pierino worked closely with him and, in just three short years, Celestino took over as chef.

In 1979, Celestino was hired as chef at Los Angeles Italian restaurant, Orlando Orsini, prompting him to leave Italy to embark upon a new culinary career in the United States. After working at Orlando Orsini, Celestino worked at Spectrum Foods before opening his first restaurant, Celestino, in Beverly Hills. After receiving high praise, he was encouraged to open another restaurant, Drago, on bustling Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica. Drago was met with rave reviews and was consistently rated in the top 5 Italian restaurants in Los Angeles before it closed in 2011. It was Celestino's success at Drago that led to his subsequent ventures, which include his artisanal bakery, originally known as “Dolce Forno” now re-branded under the name Drago Bakery, the more upscale eatery, IL Pastaio in Beverly Hills, and Drago Centro in the heart of the Financial District in Downtown Los Angeles, as well as Drago Special Events & Catering which brings his highly sought-after fine dining experience directly into the home or private event setting. Celestino reached for the stars with his highly successful Drago Air Catering venture, which supplies prepared foods for several major airlines and private charters.

Celestino’s cuisine is deeply rooted in his childhood home in Sicily and since his arrival in Los Angeles he has been delighting diners with dishes that hearken back to his home country dishes imbued with the heritage and authenticity of true Italian fare. Celestino has been touted as one of the Best Italian Chefs in the United States by Bon Appétit and Los Angeles Times Restaurant Critic S. Irene Virbila has called Celestino, "one of the best-known Italian restaurateurs in Southern California."

Betty Cardenas has been producing high profile events for the Drago Family for 17 years and has been the events director at Drago Centro for the past 8 years. Ms. Cardenas intimate knowledge of Chef Drago’s stylistic menu crafting and personalized coordination has made Drago Centro the premier and go to events destination.

Vincenzo Porcu has been involved in hospitality his entire life.  Coming from a hospitality background on the beautiful Italian island of Sardegna, Porcu has worked in world class settings around the world in every capacity.  While at Drago Centro, Porcu has maintained the heart of Italian culture with his passion and knowledge for food and wine and hospitality.  He has worked with the Drago family for many years and has been solely at Drago Centro for the past 4 years while running the restaurant as the General Manager for the past 2.  His knowledge, work ethic and positive attitude are infectious and integral to the success of the restaurant in every way.  

Mark Sadr has been the wine director at Drago Centro for the past 4 years. He came to Centro after a 4 year stint as wine and beverage director of the esteemed BLT Steak on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Taking over a predominately Italian wine list with over 300 different Italian wines was no easy feat but Sadr immersed himself in the culture and wine of the country almost immediately. Within the short span of 4 years, Sadr almost doubled the list to over 900 selections and won the restaurant’s FIRST Wine Spectator BEST of Award of Excellence award. He quickly established and cemented Drago Centro’s wine list as one of the best not only downtown but in the Greater Los Angeles Area. With over 50 wines by the glass and styles and price points that appeal to casual as well as seasoned wine drinkers alike, it’s no wonder the program has become so successful.